Today I solved a problem that had been really bothering me – how to keep baby!W warm when he’s in the babybjorn. And while I wouldn’t claim to be the first person to think of it, I’ve never come across it before (I don’t think), so I thought I’d share it here.

See there isn’t really any room for baby!W to wear a jacket when he’s in the babybjorn, and while his front is next to mine and is nice and warm, there are gaps at the side and around his shoulders that are all exposed.

And since I didn’t buy a maternity coat, I don’t have any clothes big enough to cover me and him together.


It turns out that a triangular shawl, knotted and worn around the neck like a giant neckerchief, covers him up really well and can be tucked into the sides of my open coat.

(Of course it’s also a giant ‘Look at my knitting’ beacon*, but it’s also a good opportunity to wear some shawls that tend to get passed over, in favour of more shaped, faeroe style versions that are less likely to slide off my shoulders.)

I’m quite pleased with that bit of problem solving, especially given the amount of sleep I’m getting right now. 🙂
(*A baby + knitted goods almost guarantees at least one conversation in the street or in a shop. Which is always good fun. Even for a quite shy person like me.)

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3 thoughts on “Unvented!

  1. Man I am loving these updates on the progress of life with baby W and I love your unvention… I remember you saying to me ages ago that shawls don’t work out for you so well without the marvellous, shoulder-loving faroe shaping method that you are so adept at… what a great use for all those shawls that are too lovely to frog and too lacking in faroe-goodness to see much wear otherwise.

    And you both look so snug. x

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