A Quiet Moment (apart from the sound of rain.)


Through the wonder of my phone camera I was going to show you the sleeping contents of my lap.

It’s pretty cold here at the moment, and it’s rained since the early hours of the morning. Plus my boy is going through another growth spurt, and so is constantly hungry and sleepy.

Apparently only my lap will do, given that it’s warm, and convenient should he get peckish.





… the shutter noise on said camera phone is really loud.

And so the calm moment was lost.

(Only it wasn’t really since I’m typing this now with the boy back asleep in my lap again. Bless him.)

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One thought on “A Quiet Moment (apart from the sound of rain.)

  1. Ah. I rather miss those endless feed days ! Really, I do. As you’re feeding you get to focus on your little one, get to know them more and more. Then, when they sleep you can let your mind wonder, read, knit or even have a doze. Sigh.

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