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Important Note – Home Ed Voices Now has it’s own website: HomeEdVoices.co.uk. You can find all the latest episodes there.

The Home Ed Voices Podcast brings you interviews with UK based home educators every fortnight. I am committed to highlighting to the vast range of lifestyles and adventures that home educators in this country experience and raise up the voices of Home Educators themselves. Join the News Letter to keep up to date with episodes sent straight to your email, or subscribe in itunes or your podcast app.

The Home Ed Voices Podcast is a UK-based Home Education Podcast that profiles the lives of home ed families. It aims to show how amazing and diverse our home education experiences are.

There are so many ways to be a great home educator, and so many interesting and useful resources for you to use. But the big thing is to know that you are not alone, and this podcast intends to show you that, fortnight after fortnight.

Season Episodes:

09/07/19 SEASON 2 Episode 14 Mell (@Raisingadaisy) (home educating as a single parent, our experiences with negative attitudes against home education and what to do about it, how home ed children’s learning and socializing differs when compared to schooled children. )

25/06/19 SEASON 2 Episode 13 – Lyndsay (@rainbows_and_wellies) (home educating an only child, how home edding can provide a safe environment for an autistic child both to learn in a way that suits them, and get the degree of socialisation that feels comfortable to them (in comparison to the ‘coke bottle’ effect.) and finding your groove when you’re unexpectedly home educating, through community and time spent reflected on the things that are working. )

13/06/19 SEASON 2 Episode 12 – Jacqui (@JacquiWakelam) (home educating in partnership with our older children, the importance of deschooling as a home educating parent, and Jacqui tells me the best quote about being a new home edder – I promise it’s going to stick with you… )

28/05/19 SEASON 2 Episode 11 – Ronni (@Multicultural Motherhood) (finding a regular community in a city with a large number of home edding families a lots of activities to go to, teaching other languages as part of your home ed routine, and how parents can support their children’s early language development.)

06/11/18 Episode 10 – Leah Boden (@Modern Miss Mason) (adapting the ideas of Charlotte Mason for the modern era we live in today, how living in the UK means that we get to live amongst living history, and  the importance of prioritizing home education, and balancing our other projects alongside it.)

23/10/18 Episode 9 – Tanya Tucker (@HappyHandley) (how spending all your time together can be really lovely, and how much more there is to know about your children, plus trying to keep a well used house working smoothly )

04/9/18 Episode 8 – Not Back to School Mini Ep (making the most of the changing season, favourite Autumn books, how to gently restart your home education rhythm at the start of a new academic year )

06/8/18 Episode 7 – Kate (videogames as a gateway to self directed literacy, it all counts, not just the stuff that looks like school, and structure your year to protect your mental health)

24/7/18 Episode 6 – Philippa (@ExitSuperMum) (second generation home education and how home education has changed over the last 25 years, how home education allows children to be wholly themselves, and an Astrid Lindgren love fest)

10/7/18 Episode 5 – Jean part 2 (@TheMessyMum) (how to find great free resources for any subject, talk about how to get the most out of social media as home ed parents, and a ton of great summer reading)

03/7/18 Episode 4 – Jean part 1 (@TheMessyMum) (children who start reading later, defending twaddle for the emergent reader and why you need other home educators on hard days)

19/6/18 Episode 3 – Daksina (@DaksinaBasia) (educational gaps, fangirling over Julie Bogart and Gameschooling)

19/6/18 Episode 2 – Loveth (@floutLookBlog) (pressures from school, prolific kid artists, the first year home educating)

19/6/18 Episode 1 – Katie (@homeEdVoicesPodcast) (your presenter’s home ed journey, and far too many kid’s graphic novels. Oops!)

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