31st Jan

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On the 31st January 2008 W turned thirty six, and – because wouldn’t it be lovely? – I took a pregnancy test. We’d been trying for four months at that point, and there was nothing to suggest that that month would be any different from the other three.

Except for the two blue lines.

As birthday presents go, that was a big one.

This year will be a more understated affair, especially given that baby!W* has the same stuffy nose that he’s had off and on for the past seven weeks, hasn’t managed to sleep for longer than four hours in one go for the past week, and has frequently woken after an hour, for hour after hour. (Sadly it seem that breastfeeding hasn’t protected him from everything.)

However there will be kedgeree, and florentines, as requested, and presents and cards. And though the handspun jumper – shockingly – never managed to spin and knit itself while I was busy getting a hang of this parenting lark, there is at least, the promise of said jumper at some point in the future.

He’s an amazing man, and a brilliant dad. And I love him very much.

(* Small amount of random housekeeping: I’ve decided to refer to baby!W as FB from now on, since two W’s in one blog is going to get very confusing, very quickly. 😉

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