Right Now… sleeping

Tu asleep

Mainly because of LR’s birth last year (a week after her brother’s 2nd birthday when Tu came into his life), I never managed to finished my series of posts about how I got on making a Waldorf doll. I’ll try to do something about that.

I can give you my conclusion though – it was easier than I had thought it would be, and was very satisfying. If you’re thinking of having a go yourself I can recommend it.

Today it was announced that Tu was tired and needed a sleep. So we made him a bed, which was turned into a pram, and then they went shopping for books. (From real life comes play and all that.)

(SHOP news – tons of dyeing done this week, so loads of new sock yarn and some DK and Aran to go into the shop in the next few days. My latest yarn order has arrived – 80% Bluefaced Leicester 20% Bamboo sock yarn, more DK and Aran, and some BFL tops to be dyed up in the coming weeks! Spinning! All very exciting! The pots are bubbling away!)

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