I am not exaggerating when I tell you that we have had this apple tree at the allotment for eight years and have had about 4 apples from it in that entire time.

Last autumn I told it that it had one more year to get it together or else…

and wow did it listen to me! (Only, you know, not really. 😉


Most of our apples are cider apples – which is what happens when you marry a brewer. These ones really are that bright.


Last year out house was full of half eaten apples because FB is great at starting them, but not so great at the follow through. This year LR is toddling about finishing them of.

The yang to his ying.

(Hopefully there will be a shop update tomorrow.)

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One thought on “Apples!

  1. Can you believe that I’m drooling right now. Apples are a fruit that many of us take for granted. I know this now since they have not been available to purchase (and don’t grow anywhere near here) for a few months! Oh how we long for an apple and your pictures, particularly that first one has got me longing some more! Incredible!

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