Happy Autumn Aran Knitting!

Oxford Kitchen Yarns Aran - Candle Flame

This dye lot is called Candle Flame, but while knitting it up I realised it really should be called Honey Comb (next time!)

Knitting at the Park

I’m knitting up a Plain Vest (ravelry link) by Anna & Heidi Pickles – in fact I’ve already it knit it once! I managed to get it knit up in about 24 hours – amazing what a couple of hours at a knitting group will produce, followed by a bit of sneaky knitting here and there – here being the park, and there, being on the floor at home while the children played and fell over practiced walking around me.

Knitting at the Park

But the finished vest looked like it was only going to fit for about 5 minutes, rather than for the 6 months I’d hoped for. So I frogged the whole thing and started again!

It’s not a hardship! The yarn – if I do say so myself – is wonderful to knit with – it’s 100% British Bluefaced Leicester, and it’s really sproingy! And the colour is really cheerful and makes me smile when I knit with it. So it can stay beside me for a while longer and we’ll see if I can get a vest out of just 100g and a 6mm needle this time.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Autumn Aran Knitting!

  1. That yarn is sooo gorgeous! I’ve knitted up Pickles once, and love it. I’m going to need to make several more for my girls this cold season.

    1. Weirdly enough it was your talking about knitting Pickles recently that reminded me that I had been wanting to make one! 🙂 (also your heads up about the pattern coming up small stuck in my head too. Which I’m grateful for.)

      It’s a good pattern – though having to work out the decreases is a pain. I’ll definately make more though. 🙂

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