Right Now (less that 48 hours before we move)

Home (right now)

Spent all day ripping up carpet/killing the vaccum cleaner/taking things to charity shops/taking stuff to the tip – check
Hottest day of the year so far – check
Pretty much 6 months pregnant – check
Son still wide awake despite being put to bed 2 hours ago (because it’s frankly too hot to sleep) – check
Still got a TON of packing/cleaning etc to do tomorrow – check
Movers arriving at the crack of dawn on monday – check
Won’t let self watch the last episode of Dr Who (cliff hanger!) till son is asleep incase it gets noise/scary for him to hear from upstairs – check
Won’t go down and get ice cream from freezer until son goes to sleep incase he gets upset and needs me (and ice cream melts) – check

I really wouldn’t mind if it rained a bit tomorrow. *Checks forcast*

It’s going to be even hotter tomorrow?

In which case I hope everyone else is having lots of fun in the sunshine. *hides in a cold shower for a bit*

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6 thoughts on “Right Now (less that 48 hours before we move)

  1. Much too hot. I concur.

    My puffy ankles agree. 🙁

    I thought you were moving today for some reason!

    1. poor puffy ankles. When i was pregnant with FB my feet were like balloons till about a week after he was born. Then they went back to normal.

      This time round – so far – i’m ok i think. but i can’t remember when it kicked off last time.

      no – moving on monday. we went in today to ripped up the lino and one of the carpets though (with permission).

      Can it be less hot please? seriously.

      1. They’re not too puffy, thankfully, except for Friday at work when I was outside helping Reception AND Year 1 have a party together. Manic and hot. 🙁

        Take it as easy as you can today! I totally spent some time “browsing” in the refrigerated aisle at Waitrose yesterday. Recommend!

  2. Fill a large bowl with cool, not really cold, water. Sink feet slowly into bowl. Relax and cool down. It was incredible hot when I was pregnant with DS and I spent a lot of time with my feet in a bowl of cool water ! Works a treat.
    If desperate to cool down, run cold water over pulse points.

    I hope the move goes really well.

    1. I’m totally doing this today. Oddly, the only suitable container we’ve got is a baby bath. 😀

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