Moving Day

What I'm miss from here

Hopefully by the time you read this the van will be packed and we will have the keys to our new house.

This makes it sound like we’re moving miles and miles away, when in reality we’re going to be about six streets or so from our old house.

It feels strange to be leaving here – it’s definitely what we need to do as a family, and I’m looking forward to our kitchen and lounge being on the same floor, as well as having a garden. However W has owned the house for 9 years, and I was a visitor, then a weekend resident, and then a permanent resident, all that time.

I will definately miss being up in the canope of the trees. Getting to see up close as they changed through out the year.

I will miss how the bathroom glows green at the height of spring, as the light fights it’s way through all the new leaves, and watching the pigeons fill their round bellies with the spring blossoms.

I will miss watching squirrels while we eat breakfast (though this might still happen when we move, especially if we remember to take down the birdfeeders and take them with us.)

This house has been good to us.

I’m looking forward to adventures in our new house.

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