Noro Headscarf

noro headscarf

I have to admit that my knitting mojo has been hiding recently. I’m going to blame this on lack of sleep and my brain being busy with other things right now. But there has been lots of starting, and not a lot of finishing.

What finishing there has been has left me dissatisfied – the chunky weight longies that were too chunky and big, the christmas stocking that really should have worked but didn’t…

Of course this hasn’t stopped me knitting. 😉

But it was nice last week, to manage to get something on and off the needles, and into general use in a couple of hours.

noro headscarf

Even if the blocking has managed to not block it. 😉

Noro sock yarn is pretty lovely isn’t it?

(Ravelry Link.)

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One thought on “Noro Headscarf

  1. It is indeed, when I first started to knit I think I ODed on Noro. Now, I think I’m back loving it… The headscarf is very cute.

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