First Rhubarb of the Year.

first rhubarb of the year 2009

Today I lifted the bucket and picked the first rhubarb of the year.

I’ve never felt as happy that spring is here as I have this week. The willow tree is unfurling it’s leaves, and the warmer weather* has dragged us outdoors more than usual, for evening walks, and morning walks, and time spent digging (W), and sitting (me) and sleeping (fb) at the allotment.

first rhubarb of the year 2009

* Jaq (via text yesterday): I’m wearing sandles!

Me: Me too!

(Note: Getting the dyeing up and running again is taking longer than I hoped, and it’s something that is going to need patience – from me – to get working properly and safely. But I will get there, and there will be new stock in the shop soon. ish.)

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2 thoughts on “First Rhubarb of the Year.

  1. Rhubarb, yum! I planted a crown of rhubarb last weekend so I’ll have my own next year.
    Have you tried it with vanilla? It’s extra yummy.

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