New Home – New Garden

We are all in love with our new home.

And we are adoring having a garden that FB can play in. There will lots of changes in the garden in the next few weeks – a tree is coming down tomorrow (thanks chainsaw wielding dad!), a couple of tons of pea shingles are slowly but surely getting bagged up, and a large shed is about to be ordered.

However this last weekend there was a lot of this:

A Boy and his tipper.

A Boy and his tipper.


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6 thoughts on “New Home – New Garden

  1. Is your new garden in need of a passion flower by any chance? Mine seems to have gone berserk and be producing offspring.

  2. Nothing beats playing in the dirt. To make it even better my kids pour water and make a ton of mud and mommy can watch while they’re having tons of fun

  3. PS – Where did you get the digger/dumper truck? I’m desperate to find something like that for P.

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