Oxford Kitchen Yarns Update

Hopefully I’ll have some photos in the next few days, but regardless, Oxford Kitchen Yarns is now being stocked at the very wonderful Darn It and Stitch, in central Oxford!

Currently there is sock yarn, DK and a bit of 4ply.

Good stuff. 🙂

In other news, Oxford Kitchen Yarns is finally on Twitter. I’m only planning to use it for shop updates and general Oxford Kitchen Yarns information (though I was sorely tempted to randomly reply to Simon Pegg’s tweet this morning about Professor Yaffle‘s unrelenting negativity, with my theory that the mice are always on the verge of carrying him off on mass shouting ‘burn him!’ But anyways… I didn’t. And I won’t.)

So if feel free to follow me. 🙂

In other, other news, both boilers are now running! And there is a load of mordanted yarn waiting to be dyed, as well as more yarn being mordanted, yarn dyeing nicely in one of the said boilers, AND yarn drying on the line as we speak!

Oxford Kitchen Yarns is back in production and it makes me SO HAPPY!

In other, other, other news, the sale is still on.

(And now I will go buy more mordant…)

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