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(I haven’t talked much about FB’s birth, or this pregnancy – 32 1/2 weeks already, can you believe it? – but this time around we have decided to go with an independent midwife. This wasn’t an easy decision financially, but we believe it’s the best one for our family, based on our previous experiences, and our hopes for this birth. Therefore the current threat to independent midwifery in the UK is one of personal significance to us as a family. That said, even if it wasn’t, as a mother, it would still be of vital importance.

Therefore I am asking all the UK residents who read this blog, to consider giving a few minutes of their time to write to their MP and support the important work done by independent midwives so that their work can continue.)

Dear Clients, Friends, and Family

It’s crunch time and we really need your help if independent midwives are going to be able to practise in the UK in future. If you recognise the value of personalised, high quality midwifery care throughout pregnancy, birth and after the baby is born that an independent midwife is able to provide, then please could you let the government know NOW.

For several years the government’s new policy that all healthcare professionals have indemnity insurance has been put on hold. Last year the government commissioned the Finlay Scott Review to look at the feasibility of indemnity insurance as a condition of every healthcare professional’s registration. The Review has now been published and recommends that indemnity/insurance should become mandatory and a requirement for registration.  However it also recommended for those groups for whom the market does not provide affordable insurance or indemnity (independent midwives), the relevant Departments of Health in the four countries of the UK should decide if the continued availability of this service is necessary; and, if so, should seek to facilitate a solution to the problem.

The Departments of Health are due to respond imminently to this Review – and their responses will be a perfect vehicle through which to address this anomaly with solutions from policy-makers.

Can you please send an email to your MP and copy it to your relevant Department of Health (see attachment for draft that you may wish to use)? Could you also print your letter and send it as a hard copy to your MP and Department of Health as although slower, receiving lots of letters is more effective?

Find your MP by clicking on: and click on his/her website to find their email and constituency postal address. Don’t use the House of Commons address for MP’s at this time of year as it is in summer recess.

Departments of Health:


Mike Lewis
Senior Policy Manager
Professional Standards Division
Department of Health
2N10 Quarry House

Quarry Hill




Catherine Clarke

Regulating Unit

Chief Nursing Office

St. Andrew’s House

Regent Road



Nicola Sturgeon Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing

The Scottish Parliament
EH99 1SP


Edwina Hart Minister for Health and Social Services

Welsh Assembly Government
Cathays Park
CF10 3NQ

Northern Ireland:

Michael McGimpsey Minister for Health, Social Services and Public Safety
Room C5.10
Castle Buildings
Stormont Estate

Please forward this email and the accompanying attachment to as many other friends, family and supporters such as local NCT groups, Women’s Institute, etc as possible.

Without positive government intervention independent midwifery will become illegal in the very near future. If a solution is provided, it could benefit maternity services in the UK for decades to come.

Please write to your MP and to your relevant country’s Department of Health.

Thank you for your support.

Find out more about Independent Midwives, visit

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