Right Now – the back online edition!

Popping broadbeans

Right now…

I am enjoying broadbeans from our allotment.  (The blackfly hasn’t been so bad this year, so even though the monkjacks got the winter sown crop, the spring has come through. Hurrah!)

Not particularly enjoying the heat – too hard to sleep. More importantly it’s been too hard for FB to sleep. Poor thing. (and poor us too!)

Missing the tour de france. With no tv and internet only set up yesterday we’ve been relying on the odd bit of newspaper news, and texts from my sister and Jaq. I do know that Garmin are having a horrible time with injuries. *hugs the boys* Hopefully we’ll get stuck into it in the next few days.

Preparing for a debriefing tomorrow about FB’s birth. Should be very interesting.

Wondering where my crochet hooks are?


(You want to know about the candle ring right? I made it using this tutorial. Since we’ve moved we’ve started lighting a candle at dinner time. Up until now I’ve been worried that FB might try to grab for it, but so far he’s totally left it alone. And though I originally intended the ring to be for birthdays – like they suggest – I think they’re going to stick around generally. I like them.)

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