Bad knitter? Over-optimistic knitter? Either way, no cookie

…but maybe a piece of cake.

plum cake

I had one of those ideas last sunday which I knew from the start was never going to actually happen.

I thought “I have a number of projects on the go, and some of them need to be finished soon, and some of them should have been finished AGES ago, and therefore need to be finished as soon as possible so that they are late, but not OMG!LATE!.

I know! I will promise to only knit a certain project on a certain day, so that each project gets some knitting time each week, and thus will get finished quicker (than having no knitting time spend on them at all.)”

I even made a table with the days of the week in it, and next to that, the project I should knit each day, and then added the information into my diary.

Then I totally ignored my careful plan, cast on Tatami, and have knit only that so far this week.




Mind you, despite being on 3mm needles Tatami is coming along. The 21st Century 4ply that I originally (bought for a large but ultimately dull shawl that I abandoned) is as lovely as I remembered it being, and apart from my worry that I’m not compensating enough for my slight lack of row gauge, it’s all going pretty well. Even when I add in both sleeves the stitch count only goes up to just over 200st which is totally manageable.

That said, the barbara shawl and the dreaded looks-like-fairisle-kinda-but-is-really-evil-intasia waistcoat still need finishing well before Christmas.

(very nice, but i got bored)

(It’s a nice shawl, but it grows alot, and maybe I’m just not in a shawl mood? – though I hope that’s not the case since I like knitting shawls generally. Anyways I’m having a break…)

(NO! Help me!)

(PLEASE NOTE: This is the original – not the one I’m knitting. The one I’m knitting looks like this:

it's not fairisle - it's bloody intasia!

Or even worse – like this! [Turn you face away if you’re fainthearted!].

Eeeek! *hides*

(Luckily other Bluestockings have offered to maybe help darn some ends in. It has been suggested that it gets passed around the table, one darned in end at a time. As thanks, they all get invited over to my house to watch my hands shake as I cut the steeks for the armholes and neck.)


Yes, I’m slightly in denial about both of those projects at the moment. So tatami it is. Well tatami, and some Saartje’s Bootees (pdf), for our wedding photographer Sarah, who I’ve just found out is about to give birth. *raids sock yarn half balls*

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5 thoughts on “Bad knitter? Over-optimistic knitter? Either way, no cookie

  1. wow, the plum cake looks amazing… and I don’t even eat cooked fruit!

    Luckily, the wool you’re using for Barbara’s crazy thingy is so wooly that it should only require a little bit of sewing plus a hanging free end.

  2. Beautiful photos, so much lovely knitting and I can’t believe it’s intarsia!
    Was contemplating dropping in for cup of tea around 7pm. Will you be there for such pleasantries?
    GORGEOUS cake and apple tablecloth photo. If you decide you need another income stream you could probably make a mint taking photos for recipe books!

  3. so much happening! and it’s all so lovely. I’m not surprised you’re being distracted 🙂

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