Tea, tatami, and a hot bath.

I keep thinking it’s going to be more summer-y that it is. Half the time I’m right, and I’m boiling it jeans and a tee-shirt. However the other half of the time – like today – I get blasted with cold wind and I can’t shake it off. Thus I think I’m going to have to shut down the computer for the day, and have a hot bath while W is out digging up more of the allotment.

Then I plan to get in pajamas, and hand knit socks, and do some more work on the Tea and Biscuit socks,

Earl Grey socks by Yarn Harlot, knitting toe-up, in Oxford Kitchen Yarns sock yarn in biscuit.

 …and Tatami.

Tatami by Melissa Wehrle of Sundara Yarns, in 21st Century Yarns 4ply

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3 thoughts on “Tea, tatami, and a hot bath.

  1. Tatami looks delish!
    I agree about the weather- I’m supposed to be camping at Truck this weekend, I’m beginning to worry…

  2. Are the tea and biscuits socks knit in Oxford Kitchen Yarns’ biscuit shade?

    I had an idea to do a similar thing, only mine was to be a tea and buns walking-stick cosy!

    Thinking of you, sunshine to your day


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