More Tatami and Tiny Shoes.

Shop News: I have fixed the things that needed fixing, and now I’m just finalising postage and packaging, so that it’s fair and not overcharging. (I hate falling for something that needs to be posted to me, and then seeing the p&p and going ‘how much!?’ Once that’s done I think I’m good to go. So very soon. 🙂

tiny little shoes

Last post I threatened to go off and make some Saartje’s Bootees (.pdf) for someone I know who I just found out is probably going to give birth in the next couple of weeks. As promised – obviously, since there is a big honking photo of them – that’s what I did.

They were an utter pleasure to knit too, and took no time at all – well they took about three hours from wool and needles to finished bootees. I made them with some of the Blue Sky Alpaca Silk I had left over from my beret – lovely stuff, and should suit either a boy or girl (since I have no idea what she’s having.)

(Ravelry link for them what can.)

Conclusion: I really love this pattern. I think they are adorable, and quick and they’re a great choice for a last minute extra present, which is everything you need really.

More tatami (about a third of the way there)

Tatami is coming along. I’m 6 1/2″ into the 8″ needed for the sleeves before the main piece splits in two for the neck and front sections. I’m supposed to knit the front pieces at the same time, but I think – for motivation sake – I’m going to knit the rest of each sleeve down to the sleeve cast off one at a time. 200 stitches really shouldn’t be a big deal but it’s a 20″ length of the stuff in total and I know I’m going to want to start working on something else, and I’m determined to knit this up as soon as I can rather than abandon it in favour of something else.

Firstly, because I could do with another cardigan for winter, secondly because I don’t need another wip staring back at me – two (deadline) ones are bad enough. And thirdly, because it’s actually a good knit, and I knew there would be lulls when I cast on, but I don’t want to walk away from it feeling a sense of ‘meh’ that isn’t particularly fair or true.

And so I knit on.

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