Back Tack 3


Here is my backtack offering – A startled rabbit!

She’s made from Matchmaker 4ply, and knit in the round.  I threaded the buttons onto the yarn before hand, so that I could knit them into place, like you do with beading.

I wanted to keep to Wee Wonderful’s bunny pattern, but knit it rather than sew, which meant lots of measuring, and fiddling with the pattern as I went along, but overall I’m pretty happy with.

She has a gathered head – a homage to Jean Greehowe. 🙂


Poor thing, she does look startled though! She obviously needs lots of love and a nice view, to help her settle in. I’m sure, at Ariana’s she’ll do just fine. 🙂

In other swaps and challenges news, I’ve had to drop out of the Nectar Gallery ‘Wall of Yarn’ exhibition. I feel like a total jerk and hate letting people down, but everything I tried just looked terrible. You know sometimes an idea really works and you get into a really creative groove? And sometimes exactly the opposite happens and you wonder why you’re even trying in the first place?

Well yeah I had one of those. 

I guess I figured doing something artistic, instead of useful and pretty was like riding a bike – even if you haven’t done it in years, you can just do it and it’ll be fine. But it’s obivously not, and with hindsight I feel a bit stupid for thinking it would be. It took years to earn my artistic skills and since I didn’t keep them up after university (or rather they morphed into something more practical) they are rusty now that i come back to them. I think maybe i need to back off the deadlined projects for a while?

Either way I feel really bad.

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4 thoughts on “Back Tack 3

  1. WOW! I am seriously impressed with your knitting abilities. This is one of the most creative and talented BT3 entries I’ve seen. Bravo!

  2. I second the “Wow!”. What a gorgeous and detailed bunny! She looks so incredibly soft and I love the buttons on her collar.

    Well done! I’m sure the recipient loved her!

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