Taking Down the Lounge Part 3


I am very tired.

Too tired to sleep – not helped by the fact that it is too hot.

But we have a beautiful new floor, and it was worth all the work.  Just compare it to how it used to be.

It’s so pretty now!

I really should go tidy up. Or mop or vac things. So far I have got up at 6am to help put the final coat of varnish on, and then moved the main pieces of furniture back into the room (at about 10am). The rest of the time I have been sitting in one of the green egg chairs, watching old episodes of Top Gear and Sex in the City and knitting W’s mum some yellow thank you socks. (Which I will post photos of, when I have caught up on sleep.)


Ps. Why is there no decent, wall-mounted track shelving to be had in the UK?

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