Sweet Williams and charity shop wool.

Yesterday was roasting-hot. So hot that I nearly turned down some proper wool in one of the charity shops near us. Luckily the knitter in me scoffed at such an idea, and I came away with:


Loweth Shetland Double Knitting Yarn. 100% pure wool. Loweth Woold Ltd, Leicester, England.



Lister Bamboo. 100% cotton. Whiteoak mills, wakefield, England.

All this, for £7.50. Bargain!

The socks are coming along, but two days working industrial sanders, plus another day of comatose knitting has left me with a very sore left hand, which I’d rather didn’t get any worse. So I may have to postpone finishing the socks until later in the week.  Instead I’m going to have a go replacing the zip on one of my dad’s fleeces, so that it’s ready when he comes to visit on wednesday. (That job has been on the ‘to do’ pile since christmas!)

News from the garden:

We picked our first strawberries from the bath yesterday! Despite the plants having much more fruit then they did last year, I suspect that we will never end up bringing any of them home. They get eaten as allotment snacks whenever we’re there.

And lastly:


Sweet Williams will always have a place in our home. 🙂

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