A Corner of my Home.

Having spent the last couple of weeks enjoying everyone else’s Corners of my Home posts*, I thought I would jump in and add my own.

This is the cupboard next to our tiny kitchen. It houses the washing machine (which is out of shot), and all our crockery and glassware.

I love how it always manages to stay orderly, probably because everything has a home.  The majority of the crockery is by Meakin.  i originally started with half my parents’ wedding set (which was always kept in the big oak sideboard and only used when guests came round, or for special occasions.) I really loved the design, so when we started seeing it around, in second hand and retro shops, I started buying it up. I think the most I paid was £30 for 6 dinner plates. The rest were more ‘everything in the box for £5’ kind of deals. 🙂

Other than that there is some Muji (the big pale blue bowls) and Habitat (the white bowls on the top shelf), which work well all together.  The fact the wood trim compliments the colours is a happy coincidence, which I love.

*as started by Soulemama here.

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