A mix of random things.

London yarn shopping on saturday was a blast! 

From the strange religious paraphernalia and granny wool shop (which had pure merino yarns from the most granny knitting companies going, which boggled my mind in the best way), I bought lime and jade coloured Rowan 4ply, for when i’m in the mood for strippy socks…

From Loop I splured on some Knitpicks 100% cashmere sock yarn.

And at the Handweaver’s studio I found they sell huge hanks of yarn (lamb’s wool?) for less that £6!

And once the portion I dyed is dry, i’ll show you what i did with it. 🙂

If I were braver I’d put myself down for the Knitting Olympics, and make this.  But to be honest I’ve been a procrastination queen recently and i don’t need another reason to sit around when i should be sorting my life out. Plus i’m half way through my secret project, and I really need to get it finished before I start anything else.

However I would like to knit the vest at some point, since i think it would really suit me and colour work is one of the things I need more practice in.

My sister found a really cool place to buy organic, vegetable dyed wool.

Lovely J found this link to the Cast-On podcast. I am slowly making my way through the archives, but so far I am impressed. 🙂

One more FO then I’m off to spend money (that will mostly come back to me – right now i really like that kind of spending.)

It was my step-mum’s birthday and I made here a knitted bear from Jean Greenhowe’s Toy Collection. (One of these days I need to write a Jean Greenhowe post, since I’m not sure I would be making stuff today if it wasn’t for her.)

Anyways I knit it in Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk (it was late when I took this shot – the yarn is actually lime green), and made a little felt rosette – apt since she’s a horserider and my dad’s house is full of rosettes. 🙂  The bear is kinda abstract, (or, you know… eyeless). I just couldn’t find a face that fit as well as just having a nose did. So just a nose it is.

This bear is now winging it’s way the the oil rig where my stepmum works, since here birthday this year is offshore. I wonder if it’ll stay there or come home with her?

ETA: Getknitted has some Maya left, and are doing a deal – 10 skein packs for £50, which is great value and worth checking out.

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2 thoughts on “A mix of random things.

  1. Great bear, I love Jean Greenhowe having recently “acquired” a book from second hand shop. Maybe we both should take up the Knitting Olympics?

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