You know, rain in July makes knitting a big garter-stitch rug less crazy…

the view from my desk.

Today we are expected to get two months of rain, in one day. *I* am also expected to travel to london for dinner with in-laws and other family members, and then come home again. Meh. We shall see.

However there are chips baking in the oven, and it’s not cold, and there is work and knitting, and more work to be done, and then Tour de France footage to watch, and sisters to talk to via googletalk so I am feeling very content.

Shall we look at some knitting? I think we shall.

ruana update 20/7/07

The Ruana is coming along, slowly but surely.  It’s wonderful, almost-mindless knitting (the only decision is what colour to knit next, and for how long), so it’s great for when I’m watching Tour coverage, or films or whatever. Plus I’m putting all these random balls and half balls to use.  I still think I’m only going to wear it around the house, but I’m fine with that. We have a number of blankets that get used like that, but we can always do with more – especially in the depths of winter, and I can’t see that changing any time soon.

blue-green socks.

I actually finished these blue-green socks, but the weather is so dreadful that you really can’t get a sense of the colour from the photo I took this morning. So last weeks photo will have to do, till the weather changes again for the better.

I’m wearing them now, and they’re stretchy, and very comfortable (even though it’s really a bit too warm for socks right now.)


Lastly I finished my pegbag. And gave it teeth. Actually I don’t have very much to say about it. I knit it in the round, and it’s a slipknit stitch, so it was pretty easy, and quick. I used a small trouser hanger that I bought from the local drycleaners as the hanger part, so that the whole thing wouldn’t be too huge, and then grafted the top stitches together with the hanger in place, so that it all magically comes together at the top, all neatly. So actually I’m pretty pleased with that.

And it got used yesterday. So – yeah it’s a success. But I don’t really like using thick cotton very much…

(oooh! lightening! THUNDER!!)  Maybe I should unplug my laptop while I go have lunch?

Hopefully next week I shall have more news about my business – it’s moving along now. 🙂

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