On a garter stitch roll…

waves of garter stitch

This may end up being a very quick knit, given that I started it yesterday and I’m half way through already. The yarn is Baby Alpaca and Silk from Mobair (who unfortunately don’t have a website. 🙁 that I bought at a craft show at Blenheim Palace a month or so ago. (Liz blogged about it here.)

Anyways I bought about 200g and always planned to make a scarf (for myself) but the lace patterns I tried didn’t really work with the yarn, which I realised after a while, really just wanted to be left alone to do it’s own thing, and show off in a simple way. So inspired by how my Ruana was coming along, a given that actually I get really bored when I knit scarves back and forth width-wise I decided to cast on a WHOLE MASS of stitches and knit it length ways.

So here is the recipe:

Long tail cast on (of sorts, in that actually I used the same method as with the ruana, in that I used one end of one ball, and one end of the other so that I never ran out of yarn when I was casting on. Yes you have another end to darn in, but I don’t care about that), about 380 stitches on 4mm needles (my new addi turbo lace needle. *hearts*).

Knit back and forth until either I run out of yarn or the scarf is wide enough. (Any left overs will get added to the Ruana stash, and I’m good with that.)

Cast off using the sewn cast off for Knitting Without Rules, so that it looks and acts the same as the cast on.


more garter stitch shots

I don’t know why I’m enjoying such mindless knitting at the moment. Certainly it makes watching the Tour de France easier (oh Vino – you utter star!) Mind you when my sister gets back from the US next week with the books that I ordered, I’m planning to use them to start on the shawl for my other grandma, and really – in the meantime – when I finish this scarf, I should spend some more time on the waistcoat for W’s mum – (can you tell I’ve started to avoid it? Horrible intarsia pretending to be fairisle! Even just the darning in I’ve created so far – only 6″ into the project – is bringing me out in a cold sweat!)

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