We now Return You to Our Regular Schedule of Dyeing…

 I’m back!

Actually I didn’t go anywhere – I was here, quietly dyeing away, but I was being a bit *too* quiet on the blogging front, and so it seems right to say ‘I’m back!’

Tomorrow, (assuming the camera doesn’t die on me), I’m planning to update the shop with all the new sock yarns I’ve been working on. There is the return of some old favourites, as well as new colours, but I’ll sort out a proper post tomorrow, to show you what’s what.

As ever, I want to knit with them myself, but I have to remind myself that I can (usually) always dye more. 🙂

Custom Order - Latte/Biscuit for Liz at Thomasina Knits

I am also planning to sort out space in the shop for doing custom orders – I’ve done a couple for people I know, and given I have the ability to dye about 900g or so of yarn in one go, it’s definately possible to dye enough for a garment-worth in one of the yarn weights I have in stock.

The image above is a custom order I did for Liz at Thomasina Knits,  (you can see a better, daylight photo of the yarn here). She is knitting a Tatami out of it, and having knit one already, I knew it worked well with a bit more colour variation that the usual OKY semi solid. A good excuse for some experimenting!

What she got was a mixture of dark and light versions of the same dye, which knitted up, is giving an amazing caramel zebra effect. (Keep an eye out on her blog for pictures that are sure to turn up soon. 😉

Both she and I are very pleased with how it has worked out.

Anyway what this means for you, is that I’m currently ironing out how the custom orders are going to work. Once I have everything sorted I’ll let you know. 🙂

There are lots of other things to tell you, (I always think I have nothing to say until I start writing), but given that I am planning to post with more regularity, I think I’ll save them for later.

However, unrelated to anything else I will mention Stephen Fry’s new Podcast, which I listen to while I was labeling up all the yarn.  I really think he’s a national treasure.

More Tomorrow… *coddles camera*

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One thought on “We now Return You to Our Regular Schedule of Dyeing…

  1. I have just discovered you and your lovely yarns so that is great about some popping up in the shop later. I have too much yarn but am sure I can justify more, somehow!

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