FO: EZ Hybrid Jumper

I have been meaning to post about the finished jumper for ages, but W wouldn’t stop wearing it so that i could block it, and then *I* wouldn’t stop wearing it so that i could block it (it is COLD here at the moment!)

And so it’s only in the last week that we went out for a walk in enough daylight to pretend we were shooting for Rowan. or something.

The allotment in winter. Pretty huh?

EZ Hybrid Jumper by Elizabeth Zimmermann (From Knitting Without Tears)
My Ravelry Post: here
Yarn: Garthenor organic jacob wool, black aran (Garthenor are great – all their yarn is organic, incredibly well priced, and the yarn arrived amazingly quickly. Plus I met lovely people who run it, at the London Stitch n Bitch, and… well, they are lovely. Buy some of their yarn! I definitely will again. 🙂
Needles: 6mm
Notes: This jumper took 9 days to complete. It is the first jumper I have knit for W, and amazingly it’s exactly what he wanted.  He wears it all the time, (and so do I, because – freakily – it also looks great on me. In fact I’m planning on knitting a dk version in a totally different yarn, for me, later on this year.)

Basically I’m very proud of it, a very happy with it. I might even knit another one in a different colour, even.

*stares at W*

It is incredibly satisfying, watching the back stitches get gobbled up by the yoke. Incredibly satisfying.

i really love this jumper

You can tell that a) this jumper has yet to be blocked, and b) it has been worn ALOT given that is it starting to pill just a little bit on the front. This doesn’t worry me at all.

it looks like he's hiding from gun dogs, only we're actually in the middle of a city right there. weird huh?

W looks like he’s in the middle of the countryside, doesn’t he? Yet he’s about 5 minutes from the center of town. Ah the joys of being surrounded by rivers and floodplain. (Proper joy – not sarcastic joy. It’s lovely, really. Especially when you don’t live on a bit that can flood. Which we don’t.)

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11 thoughts on “FO: EZ Hybrid Jumper

  1. pretend we were shooting for Rowan.

    HAHAHAHA That was exactly my first thought on seeing the pics, before I had read the text!

    The jumper is lovely and I look forward to seeing how the DK version turns out. 🙂

    1. i think it’s a law, that you have to get your Rowan on. as it were.

      I’m going to do the DK version in the yarn i made my cycling jumper from. I mean literally that yarn, since i never wear the cycling jumper, and i’m not likely to. so at some point it’s off to the frog pond with it. 🙂

    1. Thank you!

      It was really easy to knit, and knitting without tears isn’t an expensive book, if you don’t have it already.

      i would recommend EVERYTHING about this project to be honest.

  2. Absolutely beautiful photographs, Katie.
    And the jumper is, of course, stunning.
    Everything about this jumper is amazing; the appropriateness of the yarn and its colour, the shaping (which is excellent!) and the elegant yoke. I am superbly impressed!
    AND… you might enjoy, in the light of your successful man-sweater knitting, the following excellent posts at needled:

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