Tunic Dresses for RL

My very lovely friend Debbie runs a great kid’s clothing online shop Monkey and Bo, where she stocks (along side great European and British kid’s clothing) limited editions by indie crafters. (Currently Sophie4sophie‘s apron dresses and the tunic dresses I’m about to go on about from Kitchycoo.)

Anyway that’s where I first saw the Kitchycoo‘s Tunic Dress.

kitchycoo tunic dress 6-12 months for LR

Luckily for us people who are compelled to make things,  the pattern is available and it’s become a firm favourite in our house. So much that I’ve made three (!) so far, and I’ve the fabric set aside for at least two long sleeve pin cord ones this autumn.

They are great because the garments themselves last and last, first as a dress and later as a tunic top. The idea is to get about two years wear out of each piece. So, when you sew it yourself you can use fabric you love and get to see it over an extended period of time. (I LOVE THIS!)

Plus as the mother of large headed babies, it’s also great because the neckline is by it’s very nature super stretchy and very forgiving on little ears. On top of all that, it’s a raglan, and I’m a sucker for a raglan.

Anyway this wasn’t meant to be a pattern review particularly. I just wanted to show what I’ve been making. 😉

kitchycoo tunic dress 6-12 months for LR

They have had a TON of wear over the last few months – they look great with trousers, which is how LR wears them right now. And they dressy and girly, but not too dressy and not too girly. Yay!

(The third one is in the wash thanks to some cherry tomatoes yesterday, but you can see the fabric I made it from here.)

We have a MAJOR family wedding to go to next year and I’m thinking that this dress, with a wide ribbon sash would be wonderful. (Did I mention that the pattern goes up to up to 4 years old? Great isn’t it?)


(ps. all the opinions here really are my own, and I didn’t make a bean in money or stuff writing this.)


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One thought on “Tunic Dresses for RL

  1. They are fabulous dresses aren’t they and I love the fabric choices that you’ve made 🙂 Can’t wait to see what fabric you choose for the occasion dress
    As a mother of a large headed child as well I can only agree how refreshing a fit the necklines are!

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