In Praise of Hanging out your washing


One domestic job that I really enjoy is hanging out the washing. I find it calming. (Though hanging out the washing on a day potentially full of showers, fending off a toddler who is determined to annoy his baby sister? Not so calming.)

Of course my hb will probably find it hilarious that I like hanging out the washing, given how much washing he ends up hanging out. But with two still in cloth nappies we have A LOT of washing that needs to go out.

Last summer GardenMama ran a project called Wash Wednesday that was really very beautiful and inspiring. It was running while we were getting ready to move, and it made me so excited that we were finally going to have a proper garden to hang our washing in. (Up until then we had a balcony that was over-looked by trees.)

Anyway I would encourage you to go have a look. Maybe you’ll be inspired too.

If you are, then you need to know about (thank you TheFrogPrincess!) which helps you to work out if it’s going to rain or not. It’s very clever. And today it showed me that despite what BBc weather might say, it really wasn’t going to rain today.

So out the washing went.

And out the nappies went.

And out the new fabric went.

And out the (freshly dyed) yarn went. o/

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One thought on “In Praise of Hanging out your washing

  1. Nice pic, interesting links and lovely sentiment – although I find something slightly macabre in teddies hanging from the line (although its not as bad as watching them go around in the machine!)

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