Short Tales from a House Move – Part 2 – About a Boy.

Packing to move

Packing to move

FB was pretty calm about everything. He made himself gatekeeper of the door at the top of the stairs, shutting it, and opening it again as needed. 😉 But he was too excited to nap and he needed to spend a bit of time somewhere less crazy-busy. Having turned down grandparent help offered before the move (what was I thinking??) my lovely friend D offered to having him over to play with her daughter MM who is a couple of weeks older that FB.

They are great friends, and FB knows their house pretty well, but since we’ve only ever left him a couple of short times with grandparents at our house, W and I were pretty nervous – would the day of the move be the worst possible timing for something like that?

Of course FB had a great time. He was in a house he knew that wasn’t full of boxes and strange people. He had his friend there, and her mummy. He had lunch and even napped for two hours in his pram in their garden! D – being the utter star that she truly is – texted me photos of the two kids having lunch, side by side on big-people-dining-chairs. Apparently there was much giggled and footsy. 🙂 She also sent a shot of him fast asleep, which made me feel SO much better, and able to get on with things.

She even sent FB home with some pasta with roast veg as a easy dinner, which meant we could get chinese for us without having to worry*! See I told you she was a star! And a good friends. x

The lead up the move and the move itself coincided with some of the hottest days of the year so far. On the first night in the new house, our new bedroom was 29 degrees C! A combination of the heat, and move, and generally being nearly 21 months old meant that FB had been having a horrible time getting to sleep, and his normal ‘in bed by 7am – asleep usually before 7.30’ was suddenly becoming ‘in bed at 7pm, EVENTUALLY go to sleep sometime between 9-10pm.’ Poor thing, he was totally shattered, but could get to sleep. Eventually – in the middle of this week – I learnt to blow on him as he nursed, so as to help cool him down, and bedtimes have – for the last two nights at least – gone back to something approaching normal. (Luckily my folks are bringing a fan for us to borrow when they come to visit this weekend, which will help a lot.)

(* of course FB still stole all the pepper, onion and carrot from my beef and blackbean sauce!)

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