Short Tales from a House Move – Part 3 – Not Bigger. Just better for us.

front room

People seem to have found the idea of this move a bit weird. They – naturally – ask us if the new house is bigger. It isn’t. If anything it’s smaller.

However it has a number of very important things that the old house did not.

It has a garden.

It has a kitchen and living room on the same floor. Our previous house was a 60’s build town house, that had the (famously – for Oxford Kitchen Yarns at least – ) tiny galley kitchen on the ground floor, and a lounge on the first floor. I’ve written about how wonderful it was to be up in the canopy of the trees, but from a practical-with-baby/toddler point of view it was hard work, because there really wasn’t much room for FB to play while I cooked/washed up. I knew it would be even harder with a toddler and a baby and to be honest it was freaking me out a bit. Now we have a sitting room, a dining room and a kitchen all on one floor, plus a secure garden, so there is plenty of room for him to play. (Or there will be when we unpack the rest of the boxes!)

Also it is on a side street which is – as far as we can make out from the people we’ve met so far – full of young families and couples who are about to have their first child.

There is a lot of work to do. There is a lots of work to do just in the next three months before No2 arrives. (New boiler, insulation – our families keep asking what we want as a housewarming present. I’m thinking ‘wool insulation please!’ – a large shed in the backgarden to make up for a lack of garage, and getting the washing machine plumbed in.

But that is all ok. It’s a great house. We’re happy here.

Just wait till you see my new dye studio! (LOL*)

(*No really. You just wait. You’ll laugh too.)

I’ll show you tomorrow. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Short Tales from a House Move – Part 3 – Not Bigger. Just better for us.

  1. So glad the move went well! Would love to come over and see it some time soon, as we haven’t seen you in absolutely ages. Don’t suppose you’re in/free on Wednesday morning? There’s a possibility we’ll be over Headington way anyway.

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