Remembering Kathreen Ricketson

I started reading Kathreen’s blog – Redcurrent – back in 2005 when I was still in the games industry, still doing stupidly long commutes and W and I were planning our wedding. I didn’t know her personally but I followed her blogging to Whipup and so have been reading what she had to say about life and craft and family for 8 years.

I was shocked and saddened to hear about her sudden death, and the death of her husband Robert Shugg nearly two weeks ago. They leave behind two young children and an education fund has been set up in their name. You can follow handy links to donate here at Mason Dixon Knitting or here at Whipup.

Kay and Ann of Mason Dixon Knitting ran a memorial weekend for Kathreen, where people posted their favourite Whipup posts.

This is mine: Creativity is the Soul of Motherhood:

Creativity is the soul of motherhood. And motherhood is the messiest, best, hardest, most-frustrating, rewarding, most heart-stopping creative project I have ever pursued.



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