Oxford Kitchen Yarns: Custom Orders

It is now possible to order batch quantities of Oxford Kitchen Yarn yarns to make larger projects, like jumpers, cardigans, jackets and the like.

I currently have the ability to dye about 800-900g of yarn in one go.

Since this yarn is hand dyed, I would suggest that you knit with two skeins at one time, alternating every few rows, to even out the colour where necessary.

Custom orders do not cost extra.

You only pay for the yarn you buy, and I feel it is important to allow you to approve the yarn before you complete your purchase. Currently this means contacting you with images of the dyed yarn, before you are billed, and they are sent to you. However if the customer preferred, I would be happy to post a single skein for approval rather than images (though additional postage will be required.)

Here is the current price list for OKY yarns:

  • Sock = £12 per 100g (425m approx.)
  • 4ply = £5.50 per 50g (185m approx.)
  • DK = £5.50 per 50g (110m approx.)
  • Aran = £5.50 per 50g (77m approx.)
  • Lace = £16 per 100g (1200m approx.)

A deposit equal to the price of one of the skeins ordered is required (plus postage if mailing a ‘test’ skein has been organised), once a custom order has been agreed. However given that natural dyeing is not an exact science, this will be refunded if the customer rejects the finished yarn, either via the images or ‘test’ skein.

The rest of the bill will be settled before the rest of the yarn is sent through the post. (Usual refunds still apply.)

Do Not Fear the Dreaded ‘Running Out of Yarn’ Problem.

Wherever possible, I will dye at least one extra skein of yarn in the same batch, and hold it for 4 months, so that it is there if you need it. (After that 4 months it will go into the regular stock to be re-sold, unless I hear otherwise from the relevant customer.)

How to Order:

You can contact me here to start organising a custom order, or to ask any questions about the custom order process.

Important Information:

  • OKY is a tiny company, and though I try to keep and range of undyed yarn in stock, I need to check that I have enough yarn to fulfill your order before I commit to it.
  • I try to keep my regular dyestuff in stock, but some of the dyes I use are seasonal. However I will always offer alternative colour suggestions wherever possible.
  • Custom Orders are likely to take about two weeks from ordering to dispatch, but currently I will need to confirm this on an order by order basis, since there will be periods of time when this is not possible.
  • All payments will be set up via paypal money requests, unless otherwise organise with me.

Small Disclaimer:

Given that this is a new venture for me, changes maybe made to the Custom Order process where necessary. Wherever possible, this will not affect custom orders that have already been agreed.

You can find all this information now here at the shop.

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