Knitting: It’s amazing what a weekend with eurovision and friends will do…

So, much of the bank holiday was spent at Jaq’s house, watching tv, catching up, and being fed incredibly well. (Mainly from the Ottolenghi Cook Book, which i cannot recommend highly enough.)

I was introduced to CSI, (which is good, and why haven’t i been watching it, since it’s not hard to find it on tv?), Boston Legal (which was wonderful!) and we endured Eurovision, and did the traditional thing of feeling that the UK was robbed.

(Given that Bump can now apparently hear things in utero, i do feel a bit bad about it having been exposed to Eurovision so early. But i guess it had to learn sometime?)

Oh and I also knit. A LOT.

My tunic top went from this:

about 3 days work...

to this: done over the weekend.

in just over 24 hours. I brought two extra balls with me, each of which was 180m, plus i had about a third of a ball already in use, and i came home with far less that a third of a ball left. This is what happens when you take public transport to go visit a knitter.

It was perfect catch up knitting though – mindless enough that i could concentrate on conversation and what we were watching, (though it did mean i the odd ripping back half a row to fit in the decreases where necessary), and luckily Jaq and I have been friends and knitters long enough that the constant wiggling of my fingers wasn’t a problem.

I was perfect for my knitting too, since this top wasn’t in my list, and snuck in as something that might be useful to me for the next few months. So i wanted to knock it out of the park as soon as possible – as soon as you can, with 4ply yarn, and 3.25mm needles that is! – so that i could actually wear it.

I’m now just at the point of decreasing for the straps, and given I re-jigged the pattern to knit it in the round, i’m hopeful i can get it finished in the next few evenings, especially since I’m off to the Bluestockings tonight.

(Of course, if it turns out that cutting two inches off the length was a bad idea, i’ll have to split the body at the relevant point, knit the two inches, and graft it all back together again – which is going to take a bit longer. But we’ll see.)

I love it when endless knits turn out not to be endless. Mind you for it not to be endless I have to get on and actually do it. 😀

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