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So finally finally we have a moving date.

We’re moving on the 28th June so the shop will close on the 21st for a month. This should give us time to get the internet at the new house, and get settled in (to some degree.)

When the shop re-opens there should be new stock, and a load of stuff on sale. Should be lots of fun. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Oxford Kitchen Yarn/Personal News

  1. I saw the house was still empty! Glad you have a moving date. Let me know if you need any help on the day, although all I can really offer up is toddler-wrangling. 😀

    1. What, you’re not offering to hump boxes around? The bump makes a good shelf you know! 😉 (or it will eventually. 🙂

      Thanks – i’ll definately bear the offer in mind. xx

  2. I’ve been sitting on this gift card from my sister for ages, and I was thinking of using it soon, but if you’re going to add more stock in august time should I hold on to it and wait?

    Good luck with your move! <3

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