I have a big head.


It’s 24″ in circumference, which is an inch or two bigger than most commercial sun hats. Therefore I’ve gone without a sun hat for the last few years, always searching but not finding one that would work.

This year I decided that enough was enough and that I would make my own bloody sun hat!

Luckily I found McHats who was an utter star.

She made me a custom pattern that fits brilliantly, and which arrived far sooner than I expected, given that it was a custom job and was coming from Australia. She also emailed me tutorials which taught me everything I needed to know about making sun hats. Oh and she sent me two crown patterns so I basically got two patterns for the price of one.

I was very impressed – as I’m sure you can tell. 🙂

This is my first finished version:

Sun Hat in Pink

Of course being home-made it doesn’t have any labels which means it’s reversible…
Sun Hat in Pink

Cool huh?

I’m planning to make another in some Heather Ross fabric I bought recently. And since – as luck would have it – the pattern also fits W’s big head I’m going to make him a bucket version in linen too.

Now all we need is some more sun…

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3 thoughts on “Noggin!

  1. My head is the same size as yours ! Obviously an indication of superior intelligence.

    off to investigate your pattern source …

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