My Workspace Right Now

For no particular reason:


Shiney shiney wallpaper. Mind you, you should check out the polystyrene ceiling tiles…

Currently on my desk there is:

A pair of Big Butt Baby Pants sized 0-3 months, in a great brown cord with little teal apples on them, which FB keeps telling everyone is ‘for the baby!’ He’s not wrong. (They needed the elastic putting in them, which I did last night. TICK!)

Some Oh Baby Baby Booties in Oxford Kitchen Yarns test dyed yarn – also for no2.

A box full of Bendy Rope People (scroll down) which were/still are going to be christmas presents for various bigger than FB people in our lives. (I am starting to feel that I bit off more then a could chew with that one. That may well fall by the wayside.)

A pile of lovely wool felt from Oliver Twists (who sadly don’t have a website.)

and My new BIG pin cushion, because I got sick of putting pins back into a tiny box.

My ‘To Do before the baby comes’ list is now split into three, rated by priority.

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3 thoughts on “My Workspace Right Now

  1. Rated by priority or rated by amount of fun-ness to complete? I think that’s what my to-do list looks like… hm. 🙂

    And, you’ll have to tell me how you get on with the baby trousers! I was just looking at that pattern, like, an hour ago. I think I may start with jersey trousers as they’re a bit more forgiving on the sizing, I’ve no idea what size clothing I’m going to need and at what rate!

    1. Oh no, it’s definately by priority – I’ve spent a rare (these days) nap time hemming flannette wipes and filling out the first half of my self asessment tax forms.

      There are a few nicer things thrown in randomly – like casting on to knit some Toasts out of the Silk 4 Milk I bought at Darn it and Stitch yesterday, but that’s not allowed to get in the way of more inportant things (such as re-reading Birth Skills for this time around, or writing the boring bits in christmas cards and addressing the envelopes. Basically all the stuff I don’t want to do while juggling a newborn and FB.)

      I think the baby trousers are going to be great – i’ve made stretchy and non-stretchy versions, and they are similar dimensions to the ones that FB wore when he was tiny, only with ALOT more room in the bum for the cloth nappies i’m planning to use pretty much from the off. Also they come together really quickly. and the 2 year old size has allowed me to get a head start on FB’s clothes for this winter. o/

      (sorry i haven’t replied to your email – i’ve been meaning to but things have been really hectic here. i will get on to it.)

      1. You’re very good to prioritize important things, although now that I’m nearly finished with the quilt top I will probably need to be more nesting-oriented. But I can’t really do anything physical, which cuts down a lot on stuff. Argh.

        I am forwarding you another email, but this one requires no response. 🙂

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