Compare and Contrast

I’m not sure why I’m doing this.

I guess in the future it will be interesting to look back at, and it’s fun to see what people look like when you read their blog and know they are pregnant.

Plus I found a photo dated two years ago yesterday:

This is me two years ago yesterday

FB’s due date was the 5th Oct (I think), where as no2’s is the 13th. But… well second babies…

I'm only putting this photo up so you can see how huge the bump has become.

Please excuse the unbrushed hair, the exciting wallpaper, the tower of yarn and fibre, the floor that needs sanding and varnishing,(when?! when!? Can you tell I’m nesting?)

It was very early this morning, because I cannot take photos of myself as we don’t have any full length mirrors up in our new house. So I had to get W to take it before he left for work.

I am pleased with the pink/orange/raspberry I’ve got working there, so let’s call that an upside.

Personally – and I’ve been telling everyone this – I don’t think this baby is going to wait till the 15th. (Let’s all have a good laugh at that when the date rolls around and I’m still lumbering about.

But really I can’t go a month with W having to put socks on my feet can I?

Can I?

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