Monday: A List of Things

homemade kite(The amazing kite Efbee made.)

A short list of things:

  • Autumn is my favourite time of year
  • But I’m not ready for it to be Autumn this year (probably because…)
  • We had a lovely Summer (even though…)
  • We didn’t do very much
  • We played at the park a lot and saw our friends
  • We set up a friday afternoon children’s craft meet up with a handful of other families
  • It was great
  • Now it is September we are officially a home educating family
  • And Ellarr has started at the same nursery that Efbee went to (and loved)
  • Aichbee is sitting up, eating with us at the table, cutting teeth, charming EVERYONE
  • There will be yarn in stock at Darn it and Stitch by the end of the month (stay tuned!)
  • There will be Sock, DK, Aran and Chunky
  • I am planning to open my online shop again soon.
  • But it needs lots of work doing to it before that can happen
  • I am knitting (a hat for Aichbee that I will photograph and post about later this week)
  • sewing (fleece trousers for the winter for Efbee)
  • and gearing up to spin an important project (with a Christmas deadline)
  • we are also baking along with the Great British Bake Off
  • I left a bit of my heart it Lyme Regis this summer
  • We’re hoping to go back to check on it again in the spring
  • the image below amuses me a great deal
  • because – really – I’m still a bit of a child 😉

a left a bit of my heart in lyme regis(Dorset Knob Biscuits *snirk*)

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