knitting *with* new people…

So the Stitch n Bitch…

by 5pm i was well on my way to chickening out, because again with the shy, but W shooed me out the door and it was an excuse for a bike ride so off i went with the raspberry socks i’m currently constructing.

And… it was great! i can’t wait for next week. Everyone was lovely, and approximately around my age enough for me not to feel like the baby or old lady of the group, and people were knitting interesting things, and had brough old pattern magazines for us to coo over and mock, and there was enough cross over in our lives for us to understand and make ‘oh well if you like that, you’ll definately like…’ suggestions.

and i knitted half a sock, (my first toe-up) and now have to work out how to turn a heel from this way around.

so yay! i’m out in the land of the living again. And with this success under my belt i may even sort out to go along to the quilter’s meeting next week. assuming i can find it this time! 😉

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