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Baby-Theo has arrived into the world, and that gave me the umph needed to finish the jumper I was knitting him, in time for when we go see him and his folks, F and J.  To be honest I ballsed this one up a bit. The smallest size is 6-12 months, but at the time i couldn’t help myself since his father, F, is swedish and a keen sailor given half the chance.  So it’s far too big for a new born, but i guess they’re probably inundated with tiny-tiny clothing so maybe that’s not such a bad thing?

Also i’m a much better lace-knitter than intarsia-knitter. *shrugs*

The pattern came from Adorable Knits for Tiny Tots by Zoe Mellor, and while it’s a lovely book, by the end of this pattern i was wishing i’d taken the bare bones of the information and re-written it in the round. (Yes, another knitter who hates to seam…)  But that’s something to remember for next time…

On a related note I struck gold at one of our local charity shops: A stack of 80’s baby knit booklets for 50p each. I ended up snagging 7 of them! Of course everything is made up with horrible 100% acrylic, but the some of the actual patterns are ripe for re-working.

Obviously this is a great basic jumper. i even love the stripes, though i’m not sure about this obsession with pastals.  but in, say nut brown, beige and a bright contrasting colour – orange, or torquoise, or pink even…

I think this is lovely and intend to knit it up at some point using a great variated yarn from here.

I am NOT broody!  But these are very cute. (Hood up!)

I really love this pattern but in bri-nylon (which is what the pattern calls for) it seems more like a boil-in-a-bag baby suit, rather than the lovely soft thing it would be if knit up in washable merino or something.

Of course there were also some scary patterns:

Chubby-babys are cute. But this is going too far.

Ah yes, all over colour – all over pattern. it worked with the baby-sac but this… maybe for a ‘sing-along-a-sound-of-music’?

Baby’s first golfing weekend with the board…

I have been in the house too long. This time off is great but i’m going a little stir crazy and not seeing my friends enough. So this afternoon i’m off to one of the local stitch ‘n’ bitch meeting. I was meant to go a couple of months ago but then the wedding planning got a bit crazy. Now things have quietened down and my need to be alone and nest has swung the other way.  🙂 Wish me luck, since i’m shy and not very good at this stuff in the beginning.

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