Knitting to show: Cirrus – Petite Purls Winter 2009

(I was hoping I could post every day this week, since there is alot to write about. But there has been house stuff, and now a water leak, and somehow it’s wednesday and nine days to Christmas…)

However… in the autumn I was busy beavering away on a pattern, and it was released today:

Cirrus - Petite Purls Winter 2009

This is Cirrus – for the Winter issue of Petite Purls. It’s knit in Rowan Felted Tweed, which I love.

(Did you know there is Aran and Chunky Felted Tweed now? <3)

Cirrus - Petite Purls Winter 2009

Anyway Cirrus is kinda special because the yoke is knit as one piece – even though the sleeves are a different colour from the body. This amuses me a great deal. Also it gives a very neat edge where the colours meet. And because you knit the main part of the sleeves first, that gives you a place to put your yarn when you’re not using it.

This makes me happy.

Cirrus - Petite Purls Winter 2009

I don’t think there are enough patterns out there for boys. But the upside of that, is that you get to go out there are make your own, and then share it. I’m hoping to do that again some time. 🙂

Cirrus - Petite Purls Winter 2009

So there you go. And here’s the Ravelry link – since I haven’t put that up yet.

(I feel a bit bashful about this to be honest.)

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5 thoughts on “Knitting to show: Cirrus – Petite Purls Winter 2009

  1. I love it! and I think I love him too – he’s grown so much 🙂 The pattern looks great (you shouldn’t be bashful). Happy Christmas to you all, too. R xx

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