Incredible Work… (and – amazingly and despite everything – an FO!)

Sometimes you receive something that just blows you away :

Shawl made by Aliki

Shawl made by Aliki

It’s SO beautiful. And soft. <3

It was crocheted by Moothing – thank you! We’re very lucky indeed!

In other news I finished a pair of Blu (ravelry link) for baby!W, since the boy had no pants. (The boy needs no pants! 😉


I knit the 3-6 months size, but i think they’re going to fit for about 5 minutes. Mind you, they were a fun, quick knit, so I won’t mind knitting another pair, all too soon. 🙂

Next up… some toast for me…

Thank you SO much for all your kind messages. im starting to slowly but surely work my way through replying to them. I’m sure you can understand what’s holding me up. 😉

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3 thoughts on “Incredible Work… (and – amazingly and despite everything – an FO!)

  1. Lovely – I love the blanket, absolutely stunning. I like the Blu trousers too and the baby ain’t bad either…. xxx

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