FO of the Year: Introducing BabyH

Born on October 13th, 7.44pm. 8lb 10 1/4oz.

We’re all doing ok, though the household bedtime has become 7.30pm.

More soon…

(ps. he’s a boy. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “FO of the Year: Introducing BabyH

  1. Love this picture! He is just so gorgeous.
    And there’s nothing wrong with a 7.30pm curfew – sounds delightful to me!!

  2. hee hee hee and he is lovely. Looking forward to coming round for more tea and cuddles soon. Lots of love to all of family H. xxxxx


    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    Hope you all are getting enough sleep and are all having peaceful loved up family time of blissfulness, getting to know each other and spend time in the zone.

    Peace, love, joy, celebrations, bounty, wonderfulness.

    Sending love.


  4. Aw, he’s a lovely little fellow. Hope you’re all doing well. Do let us know as soon as you’re ready for visitors to come and bury you all in knitwear.

    Liz xxxxxx

  5. I just glimpsed him on Ravelry – congratulations on your beautiful boy! So handsome in his handknits. Long may he continue a willing recipient.

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