In Praise of Big Butt Baby Pants

BBBPants pattern in felted Jumper

I really love the Big Butt Baby Pants pattern by Made by Rae – I gave up trying to find trousers that fit over our cloth nappies when FB was small, and anyway it turned out that I liked the trousers I made for him, much more than the ones I saw in the shops.

But they never fit really well until I started using this pattern.

And while the pattern calls for woven fabric I’ve always had great results with jerseys and – here – felted wool. (If you have a serger washable wool jumpers also work well, and have obvious advantages.) This opens up a whole world of charity shop finds that can be given a great new life.

BBBPants pattern in felted Jumper

This pair was sewn last night in about half an hour, when FB was in bed and LR was willing to sit on daddy’s knee. There were 6 seams in total, plus a bit of tidying, and because it’s felted I didn’t have to worry about the edges. Good bang for you sewing buck.

BBBPants pattern in felted Jumper

And finally – finally – my little boy got some more (warm) trousers to wear.

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2 thoughts on “In Praise of Big Butt Baby Pants

  1. These are lovely – a stylish and warm boy – and I totally second using felted wool jumpers for pants 🙂 Makes for snuggly boys. His T-shirt makes me want to learn to applique too.

    1. Thank you! I was SO HAPPY to get in front of the sewing machine!

      (Applique is easy – get yourself some freezerpaper – or you know, nab some of mine, i don’t mind – have at it!)

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