2000-2010 – Happy New Year

Snow for Christmas

I started this decade in the (really really like-a-cupboard) tiny living room of the flat in Brixton, playing video games with my friend D, and finished it in bed having been asleep for three hours already, with a child tucked in either side of me, and a husband asleep in the back bedroom.

In between, I have:

  • aged from 22 to 32
  • met said husband
  • married him (obviously)
  • got my degree
  • got my dream job in the games industry
  • worked very hard
  • quit the games industry so very entirely that I don’t even play video games any more
  • come back to knitting
  • and sewing
  • learnt to crochet, spin, grow veg, make jam, and soap and – obviously – dye yarn with natural dyes
  • started Oxford Kitchen Yarns
  • I had my yarn sold (very successfully) in a shop
  • I have build websites for an Author
  • I have given birth to two children
  • I have found that being a parent is the biggest education you can have
  • I have lived in one flat, and four houses
  • I have bought a house
  • and a shed
  • I have watched to Tour de France arrive in Paris
  • I have travelled to France, Sweden, Belgium, and Italy

Not a bad decade, it’s got to be said. 😉

This last year was one of change – a new home, a new member added to the family – it’s been a busy time. To be honest there hasn’t been enough time to get everything I wanted to get done, done. With both children proper poorly* in the fortnight before Christmas, it’s felt like a sprint finish just getting to December 31st.

This year there is sure to be more busy-ness but our roots are firmly planted in our new home, so it’s more a case of fixing the place up and making it feel even more ours.  (Said like that it sounds like far more do-able than the to-do list I’m slowly compiling. 🙂

I”m planning to get dyeing in the next couple of weeks – a slow start, so we don’t all get overwhelmed.

I’m really looking forward to it.

And – this year – no resolutions. Just lots of exciting plans.

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