I think I’m back – or what I did over Easter Part 1


I’ve got to say that the chicken came together surprisingly quickly, after some leisurely handsewing.  And to be honest we didn’t wait till Easter Sunday to give her to FB – after I’d wrestled it out of W’s arms (he thinks it the best thing ever. It is very pleasing to tuck it under your arm, I have to say.)

Of course then the weather was grey and dull for three days and I couldn’t photograph it.

And when the sun shone my (very) enthusiastic assistant wanted to help…

Taking photos with a toddler is fun!

17 1/2 months

Since then our Easter has progressed on similar lines to last year (fever, snotty nose, general lack of sleep all round. Though luckily no hospitalisation this time.)

However there was baking, which I’ll post about next. 🙂

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