e iMy Gifty 3 package arrived today from Heels of Mundane Superhero. She has spoilt me something rotten!


Firstly there are 3 skeins of cotton in a great pale turquoise, which i think are going to become either a bag, or the front of a cushion for our spare bedroom, since they will look great with the colour we painted the walls. (I haven’t stopped thinking about it all since i opened the box. 🙂

Plus there is a huge piece of pink striped cotton, which i love, and a lovely 2006 tea towel, that i’m going to hang off the cooker and only use on spotlessly clean things that need drying.


There is a second tea towel too, printed with lovely pale green ink. I love them!  Plus a peacock note from Heels, and a wonderful hardback notebook with space for a photo – which i have put to use already.  Inspired by Brenda at Cast-On (A knitting pod-cast that I cannot stop raving about – seriously, go listen now. it’s incredible!) – I have started a diary of Finished Objects so that i know what i knitted, with, and when, and who for. I have added the Olympic projects that have been completed so far, and i’m going to find a good picture to slot into the cover. Point being, it’s perfect and I love it!


You really should go click on the photo and go have a look at the big version to see the detail. For a start, the box is beautiful – like something you get a treasured cutlery set in, or heirloom pie slice or something. Then there are the tins. Firstly i have a thing about little containers for putting things in. They make me very very happy for hours.  Plus as an avid reader of Real Simple magazine I know they have millions of uses. But then, on top of that, they are filled with wonderful things!

There are buttons, and marble magnets, and extra marbles and magnets so that i can make marble magnets of my own, and coloured twine, and embroidery thread (in some of my favourite colours too – snap!), and beautiful striped and spotted cream and brown ribbons that we just can’t get over here, and beads and tags and I just love it all!  Plus she added a handy chart for what everything is.

This has been such a bumper week for thoughful presents. I feel very grateful.


Ps. i am really behind on replying to comments. I’m really sorry. I’ve just been feeling a bit down recently, and been battling with motivation. I will try to send good replies in the next few days. Please accept my tardy apology.

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2 thoughts on “Gifty3!

  1. Boy, is it weird and embarassing at the same time to see that! I made the “map” for the tins so I could explain some of the sillier stuff (vintage buttons) so you wouldn’t think I am a total loon.

    The tins come like that from Lee Valley Hardware–that covered paper box is something else, isn’t it? I wanted something little to go in each tin to make the package wonderfully rattly and heavy-feeling.

    I couldn’t stand not to have them and went back to Target and rebought one of the calendar towels for myself after I sent those off!

    I will post pics of my wonderful package from you tonight! I’ve concentrated on hiding its contents from my 5 yr old so far.

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