Birthday Goodness.

So on tuesday I turned 28. It followed a great weekend with my sister, and friend J, and on the day I had a champagney (well actually pink cava) breakfast, followed by a day of knitting and movies.

Thus apart from the addition of a particular notion, my secret project is complete. Two down for Olympic me. Two more to go… it’s going to be close, but i might still do it!

Anyways I got some great birthday presents:

J made me a great knitting needle roll,



It’s lovely isn’t it?  She knows how to indulge my passions. 🙂 <3<3<3

My sister bought me tickets to see The Arctic Monkeys and We are Scientists (who are one of my new favourite bands) so we had a great night out in my old stomping ground, drinking warm beer and jumping around to great music. 🙂

She also bought me the Patchwork Set postcards by Wee Wonderfuls, which I have been cooing over for months. 🙂


They are even more lovely in real life!

Today my gifty parcel arrived, but that deserves a separate, non-birthday post. 😉

So the only other things of note are these threads which i got from my favourite crafty second hand store, for 20p each. Bargin!



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3 thoughts on “Birthday Goodness.

  1. When you have a second, I want to know about those Lion Brand threads–are they like embroidery thread or for crewelwork or needlepoint, or what? They look very beautiful and lustrous in your photograph and I want some just because of that.

  2. *beams*

    Looks good! I rather think this may be the gift of choice for several of my friends. 😉

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