FO: A Bonnet for a Baby

A Bonnet (but not for this one)

It seems to me that I can wait until no2 is born (in 3 1/2 months) and post pretty pictures of their tiny head in this bonnet – made harder by the fact there will be a newborn in the house – or I can post less flattering pictures of it now, and get the pattern out while it’s all fresh in my mind.

Therefore be prepared for less-than-brilliant pictures. (Hopefully I’ll repost the pattern in the autumn, once things have settled down. Either way, it’s a free pattern.)

A Bonnet (but not for this one)

A Simple Bonnet that I haven’t got a name for yet: by Katie Hanrott

Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed DK (

You need left overs. I knit this one with about 2/3 of a ball, and I still have a decent amount left. If you bought a ball, and just did the bonnet plain, you could probably knit 3 from the one ball – though I haven’t tried that. I’m just guessing. Felted Tweed goes along way.

Needle: 3.75mm (A lovely, 40cm pointy knit picks.)

Size: I think it’s sort of new born to 5(ish) months. But then our family have big heads. I based the sizing on other existing bonnet patterns, but I won’t know for sure till no2 arrives in the autumn.

A Bonnet (but not for this one)

Once it was dry and I was photographing it FB was all ‘hat! hat!’ hence the illfitting modelling.  W wants to know if I’m planning to make FB a smock, for the full pilgrim look. 😉

A Bonnet (but not for this one)

Here you can (sort of) see the construction at the back. I’m finding it very satisfying, having the flap gobble up the stitches at either side to make the shaping. It makes the whole thing sprint along which is just what you need with a baby knit.

A Bonnet (but not for this one)

And now he’s off.

I have a second version of the bonnet on my needles at the moment, (I’ve just started the back flap.) Things are going to be utterly nuts here at the weekend, as we rush around getting things sorted for the move on monday, but if I can get this second one knit up, I might be able to get the pattern on the blog before we move (and lose our internet connection till they set us up with a new one. Hopefully relatively quickly.)

So the pattern is on it’s way…

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One thought on “FO: A Bonnet for a Baby

  1. Gorgeous -so cute! Can’t wait for the pattern, ideally for a winter baby 🙂 Love your sewing day idea – we’ll catch up soon. Good luck with your move, I’ll see you on the other side!

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